The Smart Museum of Art

The Smart Museum of Art

Perfect bound gala giveaway book

One half a year-in-review, the other half looking forward. The book was presented to each of the distinguished guests during a gala dinner.

The Smart Museum of Art has focused efforts to bring one of a kind exhibits, unique programming and truly unexpected experiences through its doors and among its classrooms at the University of Chicago.

But many of the donors aren’t always aware of these milestones. With photography, story and art we peel back the onion among the pages and change their understanding of this hidden gem.

To maintain the premium tactile feel for the guests, the book was run five color offset with a spot varnish on the cover.


Client: The Smart Museum of Art | Agency: Simple Truth
Team: Susan Bennett, Creative director + Scott Gundersen, Senior Designer + Candice Caldwell, Copywriter
Printing: Active Inc.

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