Great Ideas of Humanity

Great Ideas of Humanity

Poster, exhibition donation, Design Museum of Chicago

Great Ideas of Western Man, an advertising campaign that ran for 25 years, married the words of great thinkers with the visuals of great artists. Container Corporations of America began running the ads in 1950 as a platform for artists and designers to bring attention to philosophy, politics, and morality.

The Design Museum of Chicago (formerly the Chicago Design Museum) revived the celebrated series in an exhibition, Great Ideas of Humanity. By way of invitation, designers from across the country

contributed original posters, 3-D sculptures or digital installations with a famous quote as their inspiration. I was privileged to be one of the poster designers sharing the space.

I chose this quote from the great English philosopher, Sir Francis Bacon. By design, you’re left to your own interpretations. The way I see it: Get out and be part of this world. Open your eyes. Try something new. Explore. Learn. Enjoy it. Fear it. Exist.


ChiDM: Tanner Woodford, Founder and Executive Director + support by its members
Poster designScott Gundersen | Event photography: Chris Mendoza, Office of Experience

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